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About Course

The Ultimate Pega Training to Master in Pega Certified System Architect ( CSA ), this certification oriented Hands-On Real-time Training is for developers and technical staff members who want to learn how to develop Pega applications. This Pega CSA certification provides a baseline measurement on your knowledge of Pega applications. Pega Certified System Architect is for developers and people with Tech-nical inclination who want to learn how to develop Pega Applications. This certification ensures you have the baseline knowledge and developer skills that enables one to work on Pega applications.


This Pega PCSA ( System Architect )course will teach you all the baseline skills you need to know about Pega. This Course develop the ability to participate in design extensions and construction of Pega applications. And you’ll learn from the ground up, so it doesn’t matter how much experience you have when you start.

You’ll be exposed to the Case Management, Data Integration and Application development but, more importantly, you’ll learn how to actually apply the concepts learnt by implementing the business problem statement, use-cases and design problems.

You’ll also get hands-on experience developing a Case Life Cycle , Data Integration, User Interface , DevOps and Security. This will give you the confidence to pursue similar Pega projects if you’re already a Developer or a Person with Technical inclination and want to enhance your understanding about the Pega Applications as Pega Certified System Architect (PCSA).

What Will I Learn?

  • The skills, knowledge and vocabulary to work on Pega Development projects.
  • Case Life Cycle Management
  • Work with Data using Data Types.
  • Integration with External Applications
  • Configuring Security policies and Managing Application Access.
  • Implementing Continuous Integration , Continuous Deployment using Pega DevOps
  • Developing an enterprise standard application with Rich User Inter-faces and Responsiveness.
  • Debugging Pega applications using Tracer, Clipboard and basics of application Deployment.
  • Creating and Organising Pega Reports.
  • To attain the Pega CSA 8.4 certification.
  • ​To get familiar with the Pega platform and application building.
  • To work with the various rules that are used to build the application.
  • How a Complete Application is built using Pega Platform 8.4.
  • Pega delivering Seamless Experience across Multiple channels Like Mobile, Intelligent Virtual Assistant via chatbot, and Web Mashup).

Topics for this course

1 Lessons30h

Introduction to OOP and BPM?

Introduction to Object Oriented programming OOP Concepts Introduction to Process, Business Process, BPM Benefits of BPM Solutions Various BPM tools in the Market Introduction to Case Management
Draft Lesson

Introduction to Pega?

What is Pega ? Evolution of Pega Platform Pega Footprint in various domains Introduction to Pega Infinity Pega Capabilities Pega Installation Introduction to Pega Studios Roles on a Pega project

Creating a Pega Application?

Exploring the Pega Studios Introduction to the Dev Studio Creating a Pega application Introduction to creating a Framework application Working on creating an Implementation Application Difference between Framework & Implementation applications

Introduction to Case Design?

Introduction to Case types What is a Case life cycle Design a case type User context Updating Case status How to add instructions to assignments

Controlling Case workflow?

Parallel processing How to perform processes in parallel Alternate Paths Optional actions Adding optional actions to a case Skipping processes and stages How to skip a process or stage in a workflow

Smart Shapes, Flow Action, Sections?

Introduction to Smart Shapes Process Flow Rule Flow Action Rule Introduction to Section. Layouts & Controls in Section Creating Work Object & Tracking WO Where am I

Flow Action Processing,Operator Profile?

Introduction to flow action pre- and post-processing Pre- and post-processing in flow actions Configuring pre- and post-processing for flow actions Operator Profile Application and Access groups

Data Elements , Data Types?

Introduction to adding fields to a case type Data elements in Pega applications Page Mode & Value Mode properties How to manage properties How to reference a property Defining properties User views Configuring user views

Data Modelling,Clip board Structure?

Introduction to data in memory Data storage in memory Clipboard Types of Pages in Clipboard pyWorkPage How to view clipboard data How to use and set property values with the Clipboard Tracer

Types of Inheritances?

Inheritance Types in PEGA What is Direct Inheritance & Pattern Inheritance Concept of Dual Inheritance Introduction to Class Structures

Configuring Data Transforms?

Manipulating case data Introduction to setting property values automatically Data transforms How to set values with data transforms How to set default property values Data transforms and superclassing

Data Pages?

Introduction to Data Pages How to configure a Data Page Source data to Data Elements with Data Pages Load Management

Introduction to Activity?

Using Activity to define Business logic Configuring Activity How to Call One Activity from Another Activity Various methods in Activity Understanding the Difference between Call, Branch & Queue

Routing Assignments to Users?

Routing work to users How to route assignments Introduction to Worklist & Work Baskets How to configure custom routing Case approval configuration How to configure a single level approval How to configure cascading approvals Creating workgroup & workbasket

Configuring Decision Rules?

Decision points How to add a decision point to a process Decision Rules in PEGA. How to call Decision Rules When rule, Decision Table, Decision Tree & Map Value Using Fork option in Decision Shape of Flow Configuring a when rule, decision table, decision tree & Map Value Unit testing the Decision rules Decision Shape in Flow, Activity Methods & Declare Expression Functions. Rule Delegation

Configuring Declare Rules?

Introduction to Declarative Processing Declare Expressions Declare Constraints Declare On Change Declare Trigger Declare Index Declare Collection Forward Chaining & Backward Chaining

Property Optimization?

Declare Index. Introduction to optimizing report data Data storage in Pega applications Property optimization Optimizing properties for reporting

About the instructors

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Certified Pega Professional and Pega Corporate Trainer, having 6+ years of experience in IT featuring an expertise in Pega Infinity, Decisioning. Delivered Corporate Training's on various certifications like Pega CSA, Pega CSSA, Pega CPBA, Pega CPDC and also on frameworks like Pega Marketing, Pega Customer Service and Pega Sales Automation. Pega Certifications Achieved: Pega Certified System Architect, Pega Certified Senior System Architect, Pega Certified Decisioning Consultant Pega Certified Robotic System Architect.
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Material Includes

  • 30 Hours Of Real-Time Use Cases in Training
  • Full Access to LMS
  • Discussion Form
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Assignments
  • Certificate Guidance


  • Good to have OOP knowledge, but not necessary.
  • A basic understanding of enterprise architecture, processes, case life cycle (e.g. specifications, models, frameworks, guidelines).
  • Know the business processes and policies used at your company.
  • Have a basic understanding about business application development.
  • Some Object oriented knowledge preferred.

Target Audience

  • This course is for Fresher, Developers and Technical folks who’ll start working on Pega based Applications.
  • This course is also helpful to those who will supervise the activities in Pega projects.
  • Program/Project Managers who want to learn about the Pega plat-form and deliver Pega based solutions faster.
  • Pega Business Analysts to gather and Manage the requirement in Pega DCO

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