Pega 7 is an application development platform intended for large enterprises seeking to build, deploy, and evolve strategic business applications. Strategic business applications are those that embody the key differentiators and innovations for the activities of an enterprise1. They frequently engage users—customers or employees— through a variety of channels, including mobile devices and social channels. Whether deployed on-premises or in the cloud, these are applications which need to evolve and continually improve as the enterprise, its customers, and its competitive environment change.

Pega 7 enables the development and deployment of strategic BPM, dynamic case management, and decision management applications broadly and in combination—all through a single, unified model-based platform. Pega 7 employs a 100 percent model- based application development approach and dynamic runtime architecture in order to provide both the agility and productivity of model-based development as well as optimized run-time performance.

The Pega 7 platform supports rich, dynamic, and situation-based user experiences across all devices and channels for user-centric applications that lead to successful operations and engaged customers – perhaps the most important strategic goal today. Applications can be specialized by multiple dimensions to meet the varied needs of multiple geographies, customer segments, product lines, and channels. Enterprise-class Quality-of-Service (QoS) features ensure secure, scalable, reliable and manageable production performance for both Pega Cloud and on-premises deployment.

​By providing these capabilities in a unified, model-based, and cloud-enabled environment, Pega 7 helps enterprises build and change strategic applications much faster than conventional programming. Unique re-usable Pega 7 technology scales from initial projects to enterprise-wide programs and reduces the total cost of ownership of applications that meet the needs of diverse business units, products, and customers.

Introduction to Pega

The Pega 7 platform provides the enterprise unmatched application agility because it is unified, model-based, and rich in development and deployment capabilities. Pega 7 helps enterprises automate, integrate and improve strategic front and back-office business operations. It is a unified platform with industry-leading capabilities in business process management (BPM), dynamic case management (DCM) 2 , analytics-driven decision management (DM), mobility and user experience (UX), and social collaboration.